2016 was the year of the centenary of samba in the city of Rio de Janeiro. To celebrate it, we developed six beer labels based on important locations in the samba history of Rio. In addition, each label also shows a samba singer who was important to the history of that neighborhood.


The six places and characters chosen were:

Praça Onze - Tia Ciata

Lapa - Ary Barroso

Mangueira - Cartola

Madureira - Clara Nunes

Vila isabel - Noel Rosa

Sambódromo - Renato Sorriso.


For each beer, we developed a specific color palette related to the place and history represented. All six are arranged inside a package made with a graphic of photographs.


Ginga, a Brazilian word related to dance movements was chosen as the name of the project


The visual identity was developed with a rudimentary language using cut and paste photos that express the atmosphere of samba. In addition, the layout becomes more avant-garde, rescuing the graphical references that we have of the last century, from the newspapers and the posters of that time.


Bottle system: graphics made with images of the neighborhood and the representative character, attached to a text explaining a little of the history of both.

Project VI - Visual Communication - PUC Rio

Made with Bianca Mello, Paulo Carvalho and Thamy Kurosawa

Orientation: João Victor Azevedo and Nathália Cavalcante