de arte


Photographic and biographical book about the life of nine important brazilian and foreign dancers in five different areas of dance.


The material celebrates the lives and career of these people, telling a little of their stories, along with photographs that demonstrate a little of the personality and movement of each one. The photos were taken in urban areas of daily life in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo


The book has five different chapters: classical ballet, with Rosina Gil and Gabriela Mattos; Contemporary dance with Luiz Crepaldi and Uátila Coutinho; Jazz, with Roberta Moreira and Clarissa Giesta; Choreographies, with Regina Sauer and Alan Rezende; Urban dances with Ricardo Lima.


The structure of the book always introduces a chapter, followed by a second chapter opening that presents the dancers portrayed in that dance strand, one by one, and then the pages dedicated to them.

Work developed for Graphic Production Systems  discipline - PUC Rio

Orientation: Gilberto Mendes